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Adult Return comparison current year, last year, and the ten year average

  • Adult Return Comparison Report - This webpage compares the current year adult ladder counts to last year and the ten year average. This webpage queries the database each time it is selected, so the data is always the most current we have.

Fishway Inspection Reports


Other Adult Counts

  • Willamette Falls Counts are now included on our all counts 7 Day and YTD Report and are available back to 2002. Or you may view the counts at: ODFW Willamette Falls site.  A video camera and time lapse video recorders are used to record passage 24 hrs/day, 365 days/year.
  • Adult Ladder PIT Tag Detections - Query the PTAGIS database for PIT tag detections in the fish ladders at Bonneville, McNary, Ice Harbor, Lower Granite, Priest Rapids, Rock Island, and Wells dams.
  • Yakima Klickitat Fisheries Project - Prosser Dam - you will need to register to view their documents.

Salmon Returns and Predictions

Tule/Bright at Bonneville

Yearly Counts

Historic Annual Adult Return Totals by Site and Species

Adult Dam Counts Data Queries

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