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The APRE/HGMP on-line web query is best when browsed by Internet Explorer v5.0 or newer. Other browsers are rerouted to an extremely  simplified page that only allows all hatchery releases to be downloaded for each province.  Users of Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer are rerouted to the main query page which allows selection of province, hatchery, species and stock, which is far much more useful.  IE 5.0 and above support the use of XML Data Islands, a protocol not supported by earlier browsers.  Both queries return the same columns in the same order.  The replicated database behind these queries is refreshed and updated at 12:00am Pacific Time.

Additional fields (columns) have been added to the FPC hatchery release database to facilitate it's use for Artificial Production Review and Evaluation (APRE) and Hatchery Genetic Management Plan (HGMP) purposes.  The Province Name, Province Number, Sub Basin Name, and Sub Basin Number columns use the numbering protocol from the North West Power Planning Council's (NWPPC) Subbasin planning effort.  The Funding Source data is also from the NWPPC, and whether or not an HGMP is required is data from NMFS. This denotes that a hatchery has one or more programs that require an HGMP.  The Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC 4) is the USGS and EPA protocol used on Hydrologic Unit Maps. The PTAGIS Site Code and Location name are from  the PTAGIS 2001 Specification Document.  Whether or not a particular hatchery release has a group of PIT tags associated with it is from the FPC database.  The Program Name column is made by concatenating the Release Site, Hatchery Name, and Species Name columns together.  The rest of the fields/columns are from the Fish Passage Center Hatchery Release Database and the metadata and explanation for these data is found below.

Page last updated on: April 26, 2011

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