TO: Brigadier General Griffin COE-NPD

William Branch COE-RCC

Cindy Henriksen COE-RCC

Bolyvong Tanovan COE-RCC

Dave Geiger COE-P

John Keys III USBR-Boise

Jack Robertson Acting BPA Administrator

Greg Delwiche BPA-PGP-5

Mark Maher BPA-PG-5

(signed) James R. Nielsen



James R. Nielsen, Chairperson, Salmon Managers


April 17, 1998


Flows at Lower Granite; Operations at Brownlee; Operations at Dworshak


  • Beginning on April 20 at 0100 hours, pass inflow at Dworshak not to exceed an outflow of 10 kcfs.
  • Beginning on April 20 or when the Brownlee reservoir reaches elevation 2070, pass inflow.
  • Utilizing the inflow projections provided by the operating agencies, we anticipate that passing inflow at these two projects will increase projected flows at Lower Granite Dam by approximately 14 kcfs, which should result in average flows of approximately 84 kcfs.

The attached passage index plots indicate that the juvenile spring chinook migration is underway in the Snake River. PIT tag detection at Lower Granite Dam show that hatchery and wild spring chinook migrants originate from a wide geographical area including the Clearwater, Grande Ronde, Imnaha, Lemhi, Middle Fork Salmon and South Fork Salmon rivers. The attached cumulative passage plots for Lower Granite Dam clearly show early and increased passage of spring chinook migrants, while steelhead passage indices are slowly increasing.

*The Salmon Managers are state, federal and tribal entities who have legally recognized mandates and jurisdictions to manage salmon resources in the Columbia River Basin. The following submit this SOR:


Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife
National Marine Fisheries Service
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Idaho Department of Fish & Game
Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife