Action agency responses to 1999 SORS

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SOR # Response
99-29 Implemented as requested beginning Oct. 5.
99-27 Implemented with modifications agreed to by the Fishery Agencies
99-26 Denied as requested.  State of Montana objected to drafting Hungry Horse and Libby reservoirs during September to augment flows for fall chinook spawning below Bonneville dam in October and November.  Montana believes the operations to be outside the scope of the Biological Opinion.
99-25 Modified at August 25th TMT meeting in agreement with Fishery Agencies. Dworshak will be drafted at a rate of 8 kcfs by Sept. 5th and at a rate of 3 to 4 kcfs through Sept. 12th
99-24 Denied. Federal regulators responded that post seasonal management of augmentation water left in the reservoirs is not included in Biological Opinion flow provisions. TMT will revisit this request during the fall and defer decisions until later in the season depending on the actual situation.
99-23 Implemented.
99-22 Higher precipitation events at Libby continued and resulted in higher than usual inflows. Libby has to be drafted for local flood control up to the limits of the hydraulic capacity of the powerhouse. High runoff is anticipated to continue to Arrow reservoir resulting in outflows at McNary higher than flow target of 200 kcfs. Federal regulators are managing system to keep weekly average flows at McNary at minimum required by BiOp.
99-21 Federal regulators denied SOR as requested. Final implemented decision was to operate Dworshak at outflows of 13 kcfs during August 13-15 and then to further decrease outflows to 12-12.5 kcfs for the week of August 16-22 with total dissolved gas concentration up to 110% in the tailwater. EPA did not issue the total dissolved gas waiver for the flows below Dworshak dam.
99-20 Denied. EPA was not willing to extend the TDG waiver through August 19 with requested flows.
99-19 Not implemented as requested. Dworshak draft was delayed through July 31 because of the delayed waiver for the TDG levels.
99-18 Modified with added requests at the July 21 TMT meeting to start drafting Hungry Horse and meet flow targets at McNary.  Flow targets were met at McNary but outflows from Hungry Horse didn't increase to required rate.
99-17 Partially implemented with a delay in drafting Dworshak, by request of IDFG.
99-16 Not implemented as requested.  Flows were not maintained at a rate of 55 kcfs on a daily basis.  Lower Granite flow was 54.6 kcfs on July 8 and 53.3 kcfs on July 11.
99-15 Modified at suggestion of the COE, in agreement with Fishery Agencies and implemented.  The spill test was conducted during July 1 - 4.
99-14 Superseded by SOR 99-16.
99-13 Implemented, with exception of a three day period in June (20 - 22) when Grant County PUD flow regulators managed minimum hourly flows in the 149.3 - 150 kcfs range; slightly lower than the minimum of 150 kcfs.
99-12 Implemented, but with a delay in conduction of the spill test.  Flow targets were met.  Decision to spill postponed due to administrative and organizational reasons.  The test was conducted May 29 with various spill patterns as agreed at TMT.
99-11 Not implemented as requested.  
99-10 Partially met, scheduled maintenance of the units was not postponed regarding the potential fall chinook migration needs.
99-9 Superseded by SOR 99-11.
99-8 Not met for the period of May 3 - 9.  Forecasted inflow did not materialize. Federal regulators and IPCo failed to operate the reservoirs in an adequate manner to provide required flows.  Dworshak was drafted at 14 kcfs, limited by total dissolved gas content of 110% in the tailrace. 
99-7 Implementation of spill was delayed until April 13, but spill began at all lower Snake River projects.
99-6 Spill at Ice Harbor was modified due to hydropower system constraints
99-5 TBA
99-4 Spill was not provided as requested and Powerhouse II was operated.
99-3 Protection of Hanford fall chinook is not included in the Biological Opinion.
99-2 Fully Implemented.
99-1 Requested spill provided for 7 instead of 10 days.

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