Action agency responses to 2000 SORS

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SOR # Response
00-31 The request was not implemented as required. The reservoirs have been refilled to the following elevations during week of September 8-15: Ice Harbor to elevation of 439.3 ft (normal full pool is at 440 ft); Lower Monumental to elevation of 539.3 ft (normal full pool is at 540 ft); Little Goose to elevation of 636.8 ft (normal full pool is at 638 ft) and Lower Granite to elevation of 737.8 ft (normal full pool is 738 ft). However the reservoirs have not been operated to their upper foot operating range as required during the end of September, and first three weeks of October, while the adult migration was still significant. In September, Ice Harbor was operated in range of 438.5 ft-439.3 ft; Little Goose was operated in range of 637.4 ft-636.01 ft (the highest elevation was achieved on September 20); Lower Granite was operated in the range of 734.48 ft-736.8 ft because of the later request of COE not to exceed elevation of 735 ft at Lewiston due to possibility of leaking at higher elevations at west levee.
In October the fluctuations were the most significant at Little Goose in the range of 633.3 ft-637.19 ft and at Lower Granite in the range of 733.18 ft-734.6 ft. Fluctuations at Ice Harbor were in the range of 438.7 ft-439.25 ft and at Lower Monumental in the range of 538.4 ft-539.4 ft.
00-30 The request was not implemented.  COE denied request because of the concerns for the cultural resources and refill probability to April 15 date.
00-29 SOR was not implemented due to continuation of shaping fish augmentation flows to meet load and reliability requirements for California utilities. Grand Coulee elevation was 1281.6 ft. on August 20 and average flow at McNary for the week of August 14-20 was 147.9 kcfs.
00-4 (CRITFC)  
00-C3 (CRITFC) The request was not implemented. Banks Lake pumping was not reduced in required time interval due to fire at Grand Coulee and failed circuit breaker. However, requested flows at McNary and Grand Coulee could not be met due to failure of SSARR projected inflows to materialize, and decision of the Federal Regulating Agencies to operate Grand Coulee according to BiOp requirements.
00-28 SOR was not implemented as Action Agencies shaped the fish flow augmentation to meet load and reliability requirements for California utilities. Grand Coulee elevation on August 13 was 1284 ft.
00-27 The SOR was modified at TMT of July 27 in agreement with Fishery Agencies to set the new target of 165 kcfs and draft to elevation of 1283 ft.  However, the request was not implemented.
00-26 The request was not implemented. Requested flows would assure refill of the reservoir by mid October with inflows in the range of 65% - 75% of average. The reservoir was managed for power generation demands and refilled to elevation of 2047.2 ft. on August 31, from elevation of 2042.8 ft. on August 1. The reservoir continued to be operated for power generation purposes in the September-mid October period (prior to fall chinook spawning operation) at unsteady flow rates.
00-C2 (CRITFC) The request was not implemented. Action Agencies considered not feasible any of the proposed actions for immediate implementation.
00-25 SOR was risen on IT and was implemented as modified. The Dworshak outflow was increased to 6.6 kcfs on June 30 instead of requested reduced outflow of 3.2 kcfs through July 2.  The reservoir was drafted: at 6.6 kcfs through July 6, at 6.8 kcfs on July 7, and then at increased rates of 10.7 kcfs on July 8, and 12.6 kcfs on July 9.  The reservoir continued to be drafted at rates that are not exceeding the State of Idaho total dissolved gas limit in the tailrace. This action resulted in 13.5 KAF more water released through July 10 than originally proposed by SOR and 0.9 ft lower elevation. The daily average temperatures at Lower Granite were lower than 68 degrees through July 10.
00-24 SOR was not implemented.
00-23 SOR was not implemented as requested. Action Agencies operated the reservoir based on a NMFS proposal at TMT of June 8 (without agreement with other Fishery Agencies) to split the inflows beyond 170 kcfs between refill and outflows at Grand Coulee.  Reservoir has been refilled to elevation of 1274.55 ft. by June 18, instead of requested elevation of 1268 ft.
00-22 SOR was not implemented as requested, although the flow targets were declared as a priority over 10 ft of refill of Grand Coulee at TMT.  However, Action Agencies prioritized refill of the reservoir over flow target. Weekly average flow at McNary was 211.6 kcfs and Grand Coulee was refilled 9.7 ft.
00-21 SOR was not implemented as requested, due to decreased inflows into system and attempt of Action Agencies to refill Grand Coulee as a priority over meeting the required target flow with shaping flows for meeting the load.  Average weekly flow of 217.7 kcfs was below required minimum flow of 200 kcfs, and Grand Coulee was refilled 6.1 ft.
00-C1 (CRITFC) The SOR was not implemented.
00-20 SOR was not fully implemented as requested. The total volume of 110 KAF was not possible to provide because of an IPCo and BPA's agreement constraints, which stated that total volume of 110 KAF is available for drafting only through May 15. The drafted volume had to be returned through May 31 as an additional volume over passing inflow.  IPCo increased outflow at Hells Canyon Dam up to hydraulic capacity of the Oxbow dam. Total 61.28 KAF was drafted through May 15 and it was returned 63 KAF through May 31.
00-19 SOR not implemented.
00-18 SOR not implemented.
00-17 SOR not implemented.
00-16 SOR was denied by NMFS.
00-15 Not implemented as requested. The average flow at Lower Granite was 94.8 kcfs for the week ending May 7.
00-14 SOR was partially implemented (see SOR 00-12).  The flood control requirement on Grand Coulee was relaxed for the last week of April.
00-13 Not implemented as requested. Average daily flow at Lower Granite for week ending April 30 was 97.7 kcfs.
00-12 Partially implemented. Weekly average flows at Priest Rapids were: for week ending on April 30 - 200.7 kcfs and for week ending May 7 - 183.5 kcfs.  There was significant drop in daily average flows at Priest Rapids from 239.9 kcfs on April 25 to 196.8 on April 26, and from 207.5 kcfs on April 28 to 173.4 kcfs on April 29.
00-11 Request not fully implemented. Flows were dropped from 243.9 kcfs to 219.4 kcfs on April 17 at 2 - 3 am time interval and increased from 230.1 kcfs to 253.8 kcfs on April 17 in 6 - 7 am time interval.
00-10 Implemented.
00-9 Spill was not initiated at the desired rate until April 13 at 19:00 hours.
00-8 Implemented
00-7 Implemented, except that Lower Granite Pool was not at MOP until 4/7
  1. COE will not agree to decrease the outflow to 2 kcfs without a signed gas waiver. This is because there may be a potential to exceed the 110% gas level later in the season.
  2. Instantaneous flows at Priest Rapids of 105 kcfs not met
  3. Tailwater elevation of 15.7 feet at Bonneville Dam not met
  1. Dworshak outflow not reduced to 4 kcfs until March 22
  2. Additional water not stored in Grand Coulee
00-4 Implemented
  1. Action agencies did not pursue power purchases or reserve additional water to meet the requested flow.
  2. The spill protection for the Spring Creek Hatchery fish was diminished in order to decrease the total dissolved gas levels to protect emergent chum and fall chinook at Ives and Pierce Islands
  3. The operations provided by the action agencies were terminated after seven days in spite of the fact that an order of magnitude more fish were passing the Bonneville project compared to what was observed in past years after seven days. The request to extend the spill to the 10 days requested was denied
00-2 Implemented
00-1 The COE would not recognize the request to meet a specific tailwater elevation.

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