Action agency responses to 2006 SORS

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SOR # Response
06-08 This SOR requested that the Libby VARQ Flood Control Operations Over the Winter/Spring 2006/2007 be implemented. The COE agreed to operate Libby Dam in 2007 under VARQ procedures.
06-07 This SOR requested a minimum instantaneous tailrace elevation of 11.5 feet at Bonneville Dam be provided when chum are present, no later than November 3, 2006, as recommended in the 2004 NMFS Biological Opinion. The SOR stated that it was anticipated that daily average flow requirements would not exceed 125 Kcfs.

The COE agreed to implement the SOR as soon as flows would permit Tailwater elevations below Boneville Dam initially started out at an elevation of 11.5 feet on 11/05/06; however were increased to 13.0 feet on December 20, 2006.
06-06 This SOR requested that current outflow of 12 kcsf from Dworshak Dam be maintained. It also requested that the Dworshak outflow be reevaluated on Monday, July 31, 2006. The COE implemented the SOR.
06-05 This SOR requested that the startup time for court ordered transportation (April 20th) be delayed to allow those fish bypassed back to the river at Lower Granite Dam to continue to travel in river through the Lower Snake River. It was recommended that transportation start on April 24 at Little Goose Dam and April 28 at Lower Monumental Dam. The Action Agencies supported moving forward with this SOR's recommendations.
06-04 This SOR requested that in the event that daily flows excced 360 kcfs at The Dalles Dam in the next several weeks, to add hours to John Day Dam daily spill period to maintain mainstem juvenile passage survival through the Lower Columbia River. It was recommended that additional hours could be added to spill at John Day Dam to increase survival at that project.

The Action Agencies did not provide the spill recommended in the SOR.
06-03 SOR 2006-3 was denied by the Action Agencies, who favored maintaining the Court's order of zero daytime spill and 60% spill during nighttime hours, and observing the project for any passage issues.

While the SOR was not implemented, flows in the Lower Columbia resulted in 24-hour spill at John Day Dam throughout most of the spring spill season.
06-02 This SOR requested that the Lower Snake projects implement minimum opera tiring pool (MOP) operations on April 3, coinciding with the Court ordered spill. This would be consistent with the 2004 Biological Opinion and the final Nov. 24, 2004 Updated Proposed Action.

The Action Agencies recommended lowering the pools and operating the Snake River Dams at MOP beginning April 3rd to April 6th, depending on the project.
06-01 In SOR the Salmon Managers requested several fishery operations at the Bonneville Project following the March 2nd Spring Creek Hatchery tule fall Chinook release including no operation of unscreened units at Bonneville Powerhouse II (BP2), fully load BP2 before operating BP1, operate juvenile and adult facilities according to criteria, operate for five days at 50,000 cfs spill and B2CC operation or to an estimated 95% fish passage index, whichever comes first, Spill to not exceed the 120% TDG measured at Warrendale or 115% at the Camas gauge.

The Action Agencies implemented the majority of the request, however did not provide the requested spill.

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