Action agency responses to Current Year SORS

SOR # Response
This SOR was discussed at both the August 26th, 2008 and August 27th, 2008 TMT Meetings. The Action Agencies agreed to implement the 11 Kcfs spill operation at Little Gosse Dam beginning on August 26th, 2008. The Action Agencies did begin this operation on August 26th, 2008 and held the operation through midnight of August 31st, 2008.
This SOR was discussed at both the August 6th, 2008 and August 13th, 2008 TMT Meetings. At the August 13th, 2008 TMT Meeting, the COE agreed to target an end of August elevation of 1535 feet at Dworshak. On August 31st, 2008 at midnight, the Dworshak was at an elevation of 1535.3 feet.
This SOR was discussed at both the 5/28/08 and 6/4/08 TMT Meetings. At the 5/28/08 TMT Meeting, the COE stated that they planned to install one set of screens on 5/28/08 in Unit 11 at Bonneville Dam. At the 6/4/08 TMT Meeting, the COE reported that the screens were installed in Unit 11 on 6/3/08, however debris problems caused head differentials in excess of criteria, despite aggressive cleaning efforts. At the 6/4/08 TMT Meeting, the COE stated they planned to remove the Unit 11 screens on 6/5/08.
Not Implemented
This SOR was discussed at the May 21, 2008 TMT Meeting. During the May 21, 2008 TMT Meeting, Bonneville Dam project staff called in to report that the debris accumulation issue was overwhelming. The only options, according to the COE, were to pull all screens or shut down the Washington Shore Fish Ladder (which was also experiencing debris issues). After this notification, the COE recommended pulling all fish screens at Bonneville Powerhouse #2 and operate Powerhouse #2 at the high end of 1% efficiency. The COE stated that the screens would not be repositioned until after the Memorial Day Weekend. Some fisheries managers did express concern for this operation, but none objected to the COE proposal.
This SOR was discussed at the April 30th, 2008 and May 2nd, 2008 TMT Meetings. Overall, TMT ,members agreed to implement this SOR and meet weekly flows at McNary Dam of 180 Kcfs until the 2008 freshet began. Based on flows at McNary Dam, the freshet appeared to begin on May 7, 2008. Between the time when the SOR was submitted and the freshet began, outflows at Libby were increased to 9 Kcfs, Grand Coulee was drafted approximately 0.7 feet, and Albeni falls generally passed inflows. McNary discharges averaged 186.1 Kcfs between April 30 and May 6th, 2008.
Partially Implemented
The SOR request was discussed at The Technical Management Team on February 27, 2008. The Action Agencies agreed to implement the majority of the SOR, however did not want to implement the spill portion. The US Army Corps of Engineers representative advised that the direction received from the federal executives was to proceed with an operation that did not include spill. Consequently, the SOR was raised to the Implementation Team (IT) for policy level discussions on February 28, 2008. Agreement was not achieved at the IT level and the issue was raised to the Executive Committee for discussion. Federal Agencies developed a proposed operation in conjunction with representatives from the Warms Springs Tribe, the Yakama Indian Nation, the Nez Perce Tribe, and the Umatilla Tribe. This proposal had the endorsement and support of the above mentioned parties. This proposal was then shared with the States of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho and the Federal Agencies considered their views and concerns in furthering the proposal. After fully considering the technical input received and subsequent policy discussions, the Corps has decided to operate Bonneville project in the following manner: spill of approximately 36 Kcfs (instead of 100 Kcfs) for the Spring Creek NFH March release beginning at 2400 hours on March 6th and continuing until 0600 on March 10th.

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