Action agency responses to Current Year SORS

SOR # Response
This SOR asked to immediately decrease the outflow temperature at Dworshak Dam to 40F while still maintaining the 12 Kcfs outflow. The SOR further asked that if temperatures exceed 68F at the Lower Granite Tailrace as an instantaneous value for three or more consecutive hours before Friday July 31, 2009 at 9am, then immediately increase outflows at Dworshak Dam to 14 Kcfs while still maintaining the 40F outflow temperature. The COE implemented an operation that was consistent with the SOR. On July 29, at 1200 the COE increased outflows at Dworshak from 11.9 Kcfs to 13.7 Kcfs. In addition, the SOR recommendation was to decrease the outflow temperature at Dworshak Dam to 40F. Due to operational constraints, 42F was the lowest temperature the COE could target in the reservoir. The COE continued to spill approximately 14 Kcfs until August 5th when the COE reduced spill to approximately 12 Kcfs. The COE continued to spill approximately 12 Kcfs until August 6th when the COE reduced flow to full powerhouse.
This SOR asked to immediately reduce the McNary powerhouse flow to the project minimum and increase the McNary spill to twenty four hour spill to the gas cap. This SOR also asked to immediately begin bypassing fish back to the river on non-transportation days to avoid holding fish in raceways for extended periods at elevated temperatures. The COE began gas cap spill at McNary Dam at 1300 hours on July 22, 2009, and implemented all the following actions that were consistent with the SOR:

  1. Increased spill to the 120% TDG spill cap;
  2. bypassed fish collected in the bypass system back to the river via full-flow bypass on non-transport days until everyday fish barging began;
  3. initiated everyday fish barging on July 24;
  4. modified operations that resulted in a reduction of fish mortalities and temperature fluctuations below the criteria stated in the SOR, and;
  5. at 1300 hours on July 24, the COE achieved all the criteria outlined in the SOR and resumed 50% spill at McNary Dam
Partially Implemented
This SOR asked for Dworshak outflows of 10 Kcfs for five days (through Sunday March 17, 2009) to help achieve the 100 Kcfs spring flow objective at Lower Granite Dam. The COE implemented a compromised operation, despite unanimous support of the requested operation by all fisheries agencies.
Not Implemented
This SOR asked for the Bonneville Corner Collector to be immediately opened (March 12, 2009), after the completion of the BGS inspection. The Action Agencies opened the Bonneville Corner Collector on April 3rd, 2009.

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