Action agency responses to Current Year SORS

SOR # Response
This SOR asked the COE to explore options that would help to alleviate high fish ladder temperatures at Lower Granite Dam in attempt to increase adult fish passage at the project. The COE did take several actions that included modifying unit priority and utilized several emergency water pumps that pulled cooler water from deeper in the forebay into the Lower Granite fish ladder.
Partially Implemented
Due to elevated descaling of juvenile sockeye at Bonneville Dam, SOR 2013-3 asked the Action Agencies to implement Fish Passage Plan Change Form 14BON001 Table BON-16 Add Mid-Range. The Action Agencies did agree to implement three of four primary specifications of this change form, but not the fourth specification which outlined how to pass additional water beyond what could be passed in specifications 1 through 3.
The COE did maintain 10 Kcfs outflow from Dworshak for an additional period of time from April 23rd, 2013 to May 7th, 2013. Beyond this period, the TMT agreed to ramp Dworshak discharges down to 7.5 Kcfs for a short period before a further decrease to 5.5 Kcfs.
SOR 2013-1 was discussed at the 4/24/13 TMT Meeting, where the Action Agencies stated they needed more time to review the document from a policy standpoint. At the 5/15/13 TMT Meeting, the Action Agencies responded to SOR 2013-1 and agreed to implement the SOR as written.

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