Action agency responses to Current Year SORS

SOR # Response
Not Implemented
SOR 2014-1 was discussed at the 5/7/14 TMT Meeting, where the Action Agencies stated they would not implement a uniform spill pattern in place of the bulk pattern, except during periods of “lack of load spill.”
Partially Implemented
The COE did agree to maintain outflows at DWR that produced up to 115% TDG below Dworshak Dam (SOR asked for up to 120% TDG) and drafted to elevation 1535 feet by September 6, 2014 (SOR asked for August 31st, 2014). The COE received a short term exemption from the TDG standard from Idaho and the Nez Perce to exceed the 110% TDG standard below Dworshak.

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