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    Columbia Basin Organizations and Information

    Conservation Organizations

    • Columbia Riverkeeper - an organization dedicated to the protect of the Columbia River and all life dependent upon it.
    • Save Our Wild Salmon - Save Our Wild Salmon (SOS) is a nationwide coalition of conservation organizations, commercial and sportsfishing associations, businesses, river groups, and taxpayer advocates working collectively to restore self-sustaining, abundant, and harvestable populations of wild salmon and steelhead to rivers, streams and oceans of the Pacific Salmon states.
    • EarthJustice "Because the earth needs a good lawyer" - Founded in 1971 as Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
    • Salmon Nation - a community of caretakers and citizens that stretches across arbitrary boundaries and bridges urban-rural divides. We bring new meaning to the word cooperative with unusual alliances of tribes, fishermen, farmers, ranchers, loggers, and urban-dwellers working together to improve our neighborhoods and watersheds.
    • Idaho Rivers United - a conservation organization representing all who love the freedom, adventure and solitude of Idaho's rivers. Our mission is to protect and restore the rivers of Idaho.
    • Native Fish Society - Native Fish Society advocates for the recovery of wild, native fish and promotes the stewardship of the habitats that sustain them.
    • Pacific Rivers Council - There mission is to protect and restore rivers, their watersheds, and native aquatic species.
    • Redfish Bluefish
    • Trout Unlimited - conservation organization for protecting North America's coldwater.&
    • North Olympic Salmon Coalition - The mission of the North Olympic Salmon Coalition is to restore, enhance, and protect the habitat of North Olympic Peninsula wild salmon stocks and to promote community volunteerism, understanding, cooperation and stewardship of these resources.
    • Friends of the Cowlitz - Supporting fish restoration in the Cowlitz River basin.

    Environmental Resources

    Fisheries Resources and Organizations

    Tribal Agencies

    Academic Sites




    Geospatial Data Clearinghouses

    Mathematical Biological Survival Models

    • CRiSP (Columbia River Salmon Passage Models)

    National Biological MetaData

    River Data

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