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EPA - Environmental Protection Agency

DOE - US Dept. of Energy

US Dept. of Commerce - NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

USACE - US Army Corps of Engineers

USFW - US Fish and Wildlife

  • USFW - Pacific Region
  • Fish Passage Decision Support System - provides barrier information such as location, type, size, name of the owner, passage capability, fish species affected and local habitat information, and includes all barriers that prevent or inhibit fish or other aquatic species from reaching historic habitat or spawning grounds.
  • Lower Columbia River Fish Health Center - The primary purposes of the Center are to inspect hatchery fish for pathogens, diagnose disease, recommend remedial treatments to improve fish health management at the hatchery and monitor the health of wild fish.
  • Columbia River Fisheries Program Office.
  • National Fish Hatcheries - for all of U.S.
  • Columbia River Gorge National Fish Hatcheries
    • Carson National Fish - National Fish Hatchery -  at the confluence of Tyee Creek and the Wind River, 14 miles north of the Columbia River, about 60 miles east of Vancouver, Washington.
    • Little White Salmon - National Fish Hatchery - is located 12.5 miles east of Stevenson, Washington, on State Highway 14.
    • Spring Creek - National Fish Hatchery - is located 4 miles west of the Hood River/White Salmon bridge on State Highway 14.
    • Willard - National Fish Hatchery - is located five miles north of Highway 14 up the west end of the Cook-Underwood Road on the Little White Salmon River.

USGS - US Geological Service 








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