Flow and Spill Query for Snake and

Columbia River Sites Metadata

Important Notes about the Data

  • As finalized data for the previous month is not received until the 7th of the following month, we do not have finalized flow data for the past month until then. We have no current finalized flow data.
  • Before this time you may view the previous month's preliminary daily data in either the last two week report.
  • These data match what the USACE CROHMS system provided FPC at the time. While this is finalized flow data provided by the Army Corps of Engineers, it is not without errors. We usually receive data on the 7th of each month at which time our database is updated through the end of the previous month. Provisional data for the last two weeks is available at: http://www.fpc.org/CurrentDaily/flowspil.txt.
  • HOURLY flow/spill is the average calculated value for the reported hour. AVERAGE DAILY flow/spill is the average calculated value for the day. The daily average is calculated with the hourly values 0100 through 2400.
  • If you have any questions about the query or accessing the data, please call our web master at 503-230-4290 or send an email to webmaster@fpc.org.

Fieldnames and Descriptions

Field nameDescription
SiteBON - Bonneville Dam, BRN - Brownlee Dam, CHJ - Chief Joseph Dam, DWR - Dworshak Dam, GCL - Grand Coulee Dam, HCD - Hells Canyon Dam, HGH - Hungry Horse Reservoir, IHR - Ice Harbor Dam, JDA - John Day Dam, LGR - Lower Granite Dam, LGS - Little Goose Dam, LIB - Libby Reservoir, LMN - Lower Monumental Dam, MCN - McNary Dam, PRD - Priest Dam, RIS - Rock Island Dam, RRH - Rocky Reach Dam, TDA - The Dalles Dam, WAN - Wanapum Dam, WEL - Wells Dam
Date Date
TotalDischarge Total flow (KCFS) is equal to total spillway flow plus total turbines flow and miscellaneous flow. Miscellaneous flows include navigational lockage, ice trash sluiceways, fish ladders, corner collectors, downstream migrants etc. Flow values are calculated values reported by the Corp of Engineers (COE).
TurbineDischarge Total turbine flow (KCFS). Flow values are calculated values reported values by the COE.
TotalSpill Total amount of water (KCFS) that goes through the spillbays. Spill values are calculated values reported by the COE.
ForBayElevForebay water elevation (FT) recorded by a COE gauge.
TailWaterElevTailwater water elevation (FT) recorded by a COE gauge.

Dates When Data Are Available

Site Hourly Flow Daily Flow
Start Date Start Date
Bonneville Dam (BON) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Brownlee Dam (BRN)   1974-11-01
Chief Joseph Dam (CHJ) 2001-01-01 2001-01-01
Dworshak Dam (DWR) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Grand Coulee Dam (GCL) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Hells Canyon Dam (HCD)   1974-11-01
Hungry Horse Reservoir (HGH) 2002-01-01 2002-01-01
Ice Harbor Dam (IHR) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
John Dam Dam (JDA) 1974-01-01 1968-04-22
Lower Granite Dam (LGR) 1975-04-01 1975-04-01
Little Goose Dam (LGS) 1974-01-01 1970-03-01
Libby Reservoir/Dam 1998-12-31 1998-12-31
Lower Monumental Dam (LMN) 1974-01-01 1969-04-01
McNary Dam (MCN) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Priest Rapids Dam (PRD) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Rock Island Dam (RIS) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Rocky Reach Dam (RRH) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
The Dalles Dam (TDA) 1974-01-01 1964-01-01
Wanapum Dam (WAN) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01
Wells Dam (WEL) 1974-01-01 1974-01-01

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