Daily Fish Condition Fork Length Data
Includes: Site, Batch, Sample End Date, Species, Clipped, Coded Wire Tag, Elastomer, Special Species Code, Length (millimeters), Number Sampled

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  • Fish that are clipped or contain coded wire tags are from hatcheries. Fish the are unclipped may be wild fish or from hatcheries, since not all hatcheries clip their fish. Special species codes are provided because the code of EF (eroded fin) can help users identify hatchery steelhead that are otherwise unmarked and the code FR (fry) can be used to identify Chinook fry, particularly in the early season. Elastomer tag information is also provided to help users identify hatchery origin salmonids that are otherwise unclipped.
  • Fish length data are available for 2009 through the present.
  • Field Names:
    • Site: BO2 = Bonneville Dam, JDA = John Day Dam, LGR = Lower Granite Dam, LGS = Little Goose Dam, LMN = Lower Monumental Dam, MCN = McNary Dam.
    • Batch:The batch number contains two digits for the year and three digits for the day of the year 1-366 (YYDDD).
    • Sample End Date:This is the last day of the sample, as a sample could span from the evening over one day to the early morning of the next day.
    • Species: CH0 = Chinook SubYearling, CH1 = Chinook Yearling, CO = Coho, SO = Sockeye, ST = Steelhead.
    • Clipped: AD - Adipose, AL - Adipose Left Ventral, AR - Adipose Right Ventral, LV - Left Ventral Only, RV - Right Ventral Only
    • CWT or Coded Wire Tag: Y - Yes, blank or N - No.
    • Elastomer: EL - elastomer left, ER - elastomer right.
    • Special Species Code: EF - unmarked steelhead with eroded fins, LF - Lyons Ferry yearling Fall Chinook releases, HO - hold-over fall Chinook based on size and morphology, FR - fry based on size (less than 60mm)
    • Fish Length: Fork length of condition fish in millimeters.
    • Number Sampled: Number of fish sampled (should be 1, as each condition fish is recorded separately).

*To see a list of smolt sampling data available for each site or to see description of abbreviations used view Smolt Metadata.

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