The Fish Passage Center (FPC) coordinates the Smolt Monitoring Program (SMP) and the Gas Bubble Trauma Monitoring Program (GBT). Data from these programs are intended to provide the information basis for federal, state, and tribal recommendations for anadromous fish passage in the Federal Columbia River Hydro-electric System (FCRPS).
Smolt Monitoring Program Smolt Queries
    • The SMP program provides a consistent, long term database for short term in-season fish passage management and for long term mitigation decisions. FPC staff provides daily oversight and technical support for remote sites implementing the SMP. Final data and analysis of the SMP data are reported in the Fish Passage Center Annual Report. Queries in this website allow users to access the data gathered by the SMP program. SMP data collection begins in spring and ends in fall of the current year. For a list of SMP sites and the 2014 smolt monitoring schedule at these sites see the "Smolt Monitoring Schedule" tab. Smolt data for the current sample ending date is posted by 10:00am, and periodically updated throughout the day.
  • FPC Daily Smolt Reports FPC Daily Smolt Reports
    - The Fish Passage Center publishes daily smolt reports with include a Passage Index Report, Catch Report, Sampling Comments, and a Transportation Summary Report.
  • - Tabular data includes real-time passage index, collection count, sample count, mortalities and descaling. Graphs include real-time passage index versus river flow.
  • - Each day PIT tag data is accumulated and summarized. PIT tag data accumulations for partial days are not posted to the FPC web site, to avoid creating graphs with misleading data.
Transportation, Mortality and Survival Queries Transportation, Mortality and Survival Queries
  • Smolt Mortality DataSmolt Mortality Data
    - Four types of smolt mortality queries are available including: (1) Facility mortalities; (2) Sample mortalities; (3) Total Project Mortalities; and (4) Transportation mortalities.
  • Smolt Transportation Data Smolt Transportation Data
    - Available on smolt transportation includes the Transportation Summary Report, current and historic smolt transportation data queried by year, site, and species, and transportation mortaility data.
  • SMP Smolt Survival Data SMP Smolt Survival Data
    - This section allows the user to query for smolt survival estimates from the SMP Program by river reach.
GBT Program GBT Program
    • GBT program sites in the mid Columbia, lower Columbia, and Snake River monitor smolts for gas bubble trauma. The data collected from the monitoring sites are reported in the FPC Annual Report and are available through queries on this website.
  • Gas Bubble TraumaGas Bubble Trauma
    - This section provides access to gas bubble trauma reports and queries including: a Gas Bubble Trauma (GBT) Summary, a GBT Summary Report by Species, historic GBT data queries, the GBT Data Entry Program, and the GBT Monitoring Protocol Manual.
  • Miscellaneous Smolt Data Miscellaneous Smolt Data
    - This section provides access to miscellaneous smolt data including yearly SMP Site Reports.
  • Smolt Monitoring Schedule
Dam Monitoring Dates Trap Monitoring Dates
Bonneville PH2 - BO2 March 3 to October 31 Lewiston Trap - LEW March 5 to May 26
John Day - JDA March 1 to September 15 Whitebird Trap - WTB March 5 to May 26
McNary - MCN April 1 to September 30 Grande Ronde Trap - GRN March 5 to May 26
Rock Island - RIS April 1 to August 31 Imnaha Trap - IMN February 15 to July 15
Lower Monumental - LMN March 1 to September 30    
Little Goose - LGS April 1 to October 31    
Lower Granite - LGR March 26 to October 31    

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