2010 Chum Redd Locations Multnomah Falls,

Marker # 85, Horsetail Falls and St. Could

This page includes an overview map of chum redd locations from Multnomah Falls to Marker #85, a map of Multnomah Falls Redds, a map of Marker #85 Redds, a map of Horsetail Falls Redds and a map of St. Cloud Redds. The maps appear in the order formerly listed.

The maps are all chum redds. The different icons on the maps identify and show separate areas that are labeled on the maps. The redds were GPS’d from November 2 to December 22 and varied by location and sampling schedule. The maps and the data are from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Overview map of Multnomah Falls to Marker #85 Redd Map

Multnomah Falls Redd Map

Marker #85 Redd Map

Horsetail Falls Redd Map

St. Cloud Redd Map

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