CSS Overall Annual SARs for the Snake and Columbia Rivers

This query returns overall annual SARs for zones in the Snake River or Columbia River river basins for all groups of wild and hatchery Chinook and steelhead presented in the 2009 through 2014 annual reports.

Includes: Source site, species, run, rear type, year, annual SAR zone, number of smolts in SAR, SAR estimate, Lower limit of the SAR 90% confidence interval, Upper limit of the SAR 90% confidence interval and footnotes.

Click here for a detailed discussion of this data found in 2014 CSS Annual Report, see Chapter 6; or click here for a brief metadata listing of the fields included in this query.

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Step 3.  Select Annual_SAR_Zone:
Step 4.  Select Migration Year(s) and End Date in yyyy format:
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