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This query returns SARs to Lower Granite (LGR) for transported smolts (SAR_TRANS), in-river smolts not detected at LGR, LGS, or LMN (SAR_C0), and in-river smolts detected at one or more of the Snake River collector dams (SAR_C1) for the selected species and migration year range.

Click here for a detailed discussion of this data found in the 2015 CSS Annual Report; or click here for a brief metadata listing of the fields included in this query.

Step 1. Select Species:
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This query includes data for the years 1994 to 2013.
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  • The SAR formulas for Snake River groups during migration years both with and without pre-assignment are covered in Chapter 4 of the CSS 2015 Annual Report. Snake River wild and hatchery Chinook and wild steelhead were not pre-assigned before 2005 and were pre-assigned thereafter. Snake River hatchery steelhead through 2007 were not pre-assigned and were pre-assigned thereafter.
  • When sarC0 field is blank, it is assumed to equal sarC1 (as occurs in 2001).
  • When sarC1 field is blank, one in-river SAR was estimated from the combined in-river groups because of small sample sizes. This was calculated as (C0 + C1 adults) / (C0 + C1 smolts).

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